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Monday, 2 April 2012

Beaufighter X7640 Moel Siabod

Not far from Cessna G-ATNY's crash site there is the site of the loss of Beaufighter X7640 on 8/9/41 The plane was on a ferry flight from R.A.F Weston to R.A.F Sealand by A.T.A pilot F/O V.G.Govett , the plane hit Moel Siabod after entering cloud with the loss of the pilot !
The picture taken at the given Ref shows the slope where X7640 hit , the small scar was of interest as there are no other marks like this on the slope and has no natural reason I could see
to be here so maybe this is the only reminder of X7640 ?
I could find no remains in the scar and after about a hours searching could find nothing else but as the slope is not precipitous and there is easy access from the mine just below recovery would not have been too hard at the time !
Ref 115/714552

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