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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Halifax LL541 , Elan Valley

This small pile of remains High above the Elan Valley is all that can be seen at the final resting place of Halifax B Mk V LL541 which fell here on the 12th December 1944, the plane of 1664 HCU flying from Dishforth ,York got into difficulty and dived on to high ground near Pen-y-bwlch with the loss of all the crew !
On the hill there is a well defined scar with few fragments in it  and a small collection of parts to one side some other bits can be found in the heather all around  but nothing big remains due to  so called 'recovery ' activity at this site! luckily some parts can be found on display in Rhayaders museum as some small tribute to the lost men   but much else has disappeared !
 Crew of LL541 =
Plt Off  G.L.Lister , RCAF
Flt Off  E.H. Brautigan , RCAF
Sgt D.Levine , RCAF
Sgt J.H.Preece , RCAF
Sgt F.Willmek , RCAF
Sgt J.S.Overland , RCAF
Sgt G.G.Goehring , RCAF
Sgt A.F.McMurtry , RCAF


Sean said...

Good to see you back, Matt...

matt zx said...

Thanks Sean been away too long but that life interfering again ! have a pile of new info to try out and longer days so will be posting much more often !
Hope all well in your world and hope to catch up soon !

Unknown said...

Thank you for these pictures!
My Uncle AF McMurtry was on this doomed flight.