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Monday, 20 April 2015

A Sort of aviation related post

 This building on Carmel head ,Anglesey I originally thought was some communications structure but actually thanks to the new  book 'defending Anglesey ' by Mark Dalton I now know its the signals building for a air to ground gunnery range, the planes [most likely hurricane and Typhoons] came in over the trees from behind the building firing at targets on the cliff edge the 3 surviving  blocks [there was 4 originally]  were used for protecting  the range markers which were operated by cable from inside the building  ,still in good condition the structures which still shows signs of hits from errant rounds one of which a .303 machine gun bullet is still embedded in the wall are a few meters from a public foot path but note  the farmer has been putting up electric fencing so be wary of shocks  !

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