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Monday, 20 April 2015

Revisit to Wellington DV455

A revisit to a local crash site with new info has found  the impact point of Wellington DV455 the Bomber on a training flight from  RAF Castle Donington crashed on the 19th of July 1943 near Bodedern, Anglesey after a double engine failure, the crew  abandoned the stricken plane sadly with the loss of one crew member and even more tragically  killing 3 civilians travelling in a car on the lane !
In my previous post I put the crash much further down the lane  but it has been found by the entrance to the  Farm of Tyddyn Watcyn that the bomber crashed through the hedge ,the area is quite easy to see as a much thinner patch of growth marks the site !
The field also saw the crash  of vampire XK584 T.11 on the 24th of April 1961 after the pilot lost control in a spin during a flight from R.A.F.Valley but this incident ended well with  both crew bailing successfully  and only the plane was lost !
DV455 Crew lost =
Sgt .R.A.B.Jepson  RAFVR
Civilians =
Dr Mark.Chill
Mr's Marjorie Chill
Mr's Chill 73 year old Mother*
[*name as yet unknown to me ! ]

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