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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Blenheim L1476 Sykes moor, Torside on the 30th of January 1939

Part of yesterdays trip out to the peaks 4 wrecks in the great company of Trisha  and Sean Moran of ' UK air crash site coordinates' and his two nutter dogs
first up Blenheim L1476 which crashed on Sykes moor, Torside on the 30th of January 1939 with the loss of both crew the flight was a local familiarization flight but sadly the plane crashed in poor weather covering the high ground .
 The wreck was not found for 2 weeks until stumbled on by a local walker

 Today the site is still as i have seen on some pictures from years ago the engines are a little more cut up but the gully is still littered with remains and the center section of the tail the memorial is still in good shape for such a weather beaten place
a little further away a small area of electrical remains lie in a small scar and nearby another collection of small bits with a aluminum sign signed and dated 1994 ?
P/O S.J.D.Robinson
P/O J.E.Thomas

Sean's site Well worth a visit at

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