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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Capt J.P.Perrin DFC ,Cresswell , Stafford ,Mustang P-51D 44-13635

 On a trip up north diverted to find 2 memorials around Stafford , UK the first is at the prime point Ind estate Cresswell just outside Stafford is to Capt J.P.Perrin DFC who lost his life on July 4th,1944 a 5 victory ace Perrin was delivering a brand new Mustang P-51D 44-13635 from Warton to the 355th fighter wing at Steeple Morton Cambridge but due to some failure Perrin had turned of route but near Stafford the plane began to smoke from a fire Perrin stayed with his aircraft untill it crashed in a wheat field on Cresswell Home Farm avoiding the nearby houses and a school the memorial was dedicated next to the site which is marked by the trees to the left on the 4th July 2007

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