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Sunday, 4 November 2018

B17-G 43-37667,Meltham Moor April 6th 1945 RAF Rattlesden , Suffolk

 Just back from a very interesting trip up north to find B17-G 43-37667 which crashed on Meltham Moor April 6th 1945 the bomber flying an engine test from RAF Rattlesden , Suffolk should have just been on a local flight but one of the crew said about flying up to Manchester and back but with no flight plan or route and weather knowledge a very poor call on this day, the bomber arrived over Meltham in poor weather and failing light desperately trying to get a fix the pilot left his seat to use the glazed nose to get a better view leaving his co pilot in control, the Navigator using GEE realizing at the last moment the closeness of the ground called for a climb the co-pilot pulled up , striking the moors at a shallow angle the bomber tore up the moor and burnt out, but by miracle all the crew of 5 survived the crash though sadly 2 crew had life changing injuries and the pilot passed away in 1961 due to injury inflicted in the crash.

 At the site today both massive main undercarriage forgings remain with a collection of skinning and armour plate near by an area of burnt remains and small parts litter the gully among the rocks.
looking at other pictures from past years nature has really put in a effort to repair the moor just wish those who have been digging up here recently could have back filled the holes

2nd Lt R.Parks [co-pilot]
2nd Lt W.Vukelic [Navigator]
Sgt R.Schnug
Sgt R.Woodbeck
2nd Lt W.Johnson [passed away 1961 ]

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